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Our focus is protecting your clients, business, brand and peace of mind by providing cutting edge full-stack information search and reporting


Full Service Forensic Imaging

Mobile, Desktop, PC, Mac, Android, iOS…wherever the data exists that you need extracted in a forensically sound and defensible manner, we can handle it! Whether you want to use our lightning fast partner eDiscovery software or your own we can facilitate uploads of any size.
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Full scope investigations

Sometimes it’s worth having a subject watched, but automating alerts for their online and digital trace footprints is far more cost-effective and timely in many cases.

Own your online persona

People spend years cultivating a reputation for their profession and protecting their brand is crucial to success. We can help find those sources of information that need to be reviewed before they cause reputational harm.

Know everything before trial

You have a lot of moving parts in a successful case, allow us to provide superior diligence to ensure your client’s success.

Bring the right data to trial

Whether you need data capture, associate support and training, or full ESI review, we are your full service partner

Find the people you need to, fast

Combining modern data analytics and traditional professional investigation, we will find your subject.

A World of Information Within Reach

Imagine having a full picture of your subject’s data from 1000’s of sources without weeks of research
Now picture getting it the next business day


Avg number of data points per subject online

2-5 Days

Average 3rd-party turnaround on a basic criminal background check


Average annual salary for a legal firm researcher*

Our Team

Your insanely passionate Team

Eddie Lawrence

Founder & Lead Investigator

Jay Smith

Cyber Security Lead Investigator and all around geek

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